This is C. B.B. (Cat Best Buddy) Piehl

    B.B. has been on the planet only a little more than a decade now.  I guess his birthday at 10 July 2002.  He was adopted by a family who abused him.  They smoked and he developed asthma.  Also, he has liver and kidney damage.  They also de-clawed him, so he is an indoor kitty only.  I would Love to take him for walks but he will have nothing to do with the idea.  The very idea.  He loves his Liver Diet Formula which has no GMO corn like all the rest do have.  We add Bio Super Food.  He was twenty-seven pounds of fun when we met.  A year later he now is seventeen pounds of living fur.

    Update:  After a year of cutting back on his food intake he is now a much healthier seventeen pounds.  Do not believe the feeding instructions on the bag designed to sell more food than the pet really needs.  I found very little almost no information on diet for kitties by the way.