Health the greatest wealth

Human being being human

Peace begins with me

    Earth day 22 April 2010 met Doctor Masaru Emoto and his son this evening at a talk about Water.  Very enlightening.  He showed us pictures of crystals of frozen water and how the water reacted to Words and pictures.  In fact everything does it turns out.  I have always known that Words are very powerful.  Turns out to be the case.  Much information on the subject can be found at the web sites.  Please pass this on and on.  He suggests that we all thank water and love water and gratitude for water and ask water to forgive us for what we have done to it.  Very interesting example of the power of the spoken Word.  The thought Word has equal power in my experience.

    For about the last year and a half I have been taking Acupuncture every Tuesday afternoon.  This is my first video and my first posting on YouTube.  You are invited to watch this lovely drive with two neat anomalies.  One a tree struck by lightning many many moons ago and another that grew up in a spiral reaching to the sky in a gorgeous Pacific Northwest Rain Forest.  The audio has a lot of wind noise, and it is loud.  Sorry, it is my first video and I learned a lot.  Wonderful and Lovely short video. & this addition I called Trillium.

    I have started taking something called Bio Super Food.  My kidney function had gone down to 14% and I was being readied for dialysis and definitely not doing well at all.  My friends Pamela and Gerry asked me to try this stuff and it was very interesting,  On the very first capsule, I had an immediate feeling of well being.  I only wish that I had known of and started this years ago.  It makes me feel really REALLY good!  Truly mighty fine indeed.  A days worth of capsules is equal to five servings of fruits and five servings of vegetables.  Never in my life have I had five servings of fruit, let alone vegetables.  Check it out yourself.

    Well dialysis is in the near future for me the docs say.  I truly hope that this is not the case.  I have put it off for eight years now.  Got the call today from my Doc telling me that it is time to start ... oh heck!  A lot of hope for us all is on a story at  It is science fiction become fact, well not yet.  I’ll take two kidneys a new pancreas and a new stomach please.  I do hope this will come to us all very soon.  Still no success at this but they do keep trying.  Please let it be so.

    I am taking acupuncture treatments and really hopeful to put off dialysis a while longer if not for the rest of my life.  Kitty Bradshaw is doing the acupuncture and herbs for me and we have turned the boat around for my kidneys, pancreas and diabetes and neuropathy.  For more information check and meet Kitty Bradshaw and Michael Kessler there.

    Well, a big change.  Now on dialysis.  Since April 2011.  It is okay.  It is now my job to live. It is keeping me alive and on the planet.  The best is yet to come.  I may live to see the use of kidneys grown from my own DNA from stem cells and that would be the best possible case as there would be no rejection because it would be my own body part.  Next comes the artificial kidney.  It will be the size of a coffee cup.  Getting a transplant has one main drawback.  You have to take anti rejection drugs for the rest of your life.  Not so if I grew my own kidney, or get the coffee cup replacement, coming soon, I hope.  Dialysis currently involves my going in for treatments three days a week, four hours a day.  I thought that would be the greatest drag having nothing to do for four hours.  I take my computer with me, and the time absolutely does fly by.  I have to have an alarm clock tell me to shut down or I would glide right by dialysis stop time, every time.


    Had a bout with Carpel Tunnel.  Gone!  Very simple solution.  Information:

    What else but good health would you want?  What else could be wanted?  Peace comes to my mind.  I have inner peace.  The peace that passes all understanding.  I have that in my life.  I have one and only one person to thank for that.  Prem Rawat teaches the way to experience inner peace here and now.  None of this waiting around until you die to experience peace.  More about that, if you are at all interested...  Why not check on it?  I have always said that, “The Truth, if it is the Truth, has to be free and for everybody.”  This is Truth.  Well worth your time and checking it out for you, to experience yourself, if you want.  Never be without, within.

    Just what is Insight anyway?  It is available to us all.  Free

    Recently I found Klaus Nomi.  I saw “The Nomi Song” on cable.  Oh my goodness!  Do please Google and/or YouTube Klaus Nomi, especially “The Cold Song”.  Also, and this just in, really like the group The Knife a brother and sister that play very well off each other.  If you hear anything about them, like a tour, please email me: and I thank you way in advance.  Also, new to me, Rufus Wainwright.  Elton John says he is the greatest song writer in the world.  I agree, most certainly I do!

    Something not good for the planet or us Earthlings (all of the creatures on the planet) has gained wide spread acceptance.  Not here in the Piehl household though.  I speak of GMO.  We must stop the unbridled greed that has allowed this stuff into our lives.  Do you know they have engineered corn to grow its own insecticide.  So every bite now has insecticide in it.  You can’t wash that off.  We all eat it and our pets too.  You already know cows are being fed corn which does them no good at all.  How did all of this come to be.  It is all from Monsanto who is a friend to nobody I know or want to know and no amount of money can replace the human life or the life of our pets.  Corn is in almost all pet foods, so GMO is in all of it.  I suggest visiting The Health Ranger, Mike Adams at and watch his video GMO No at:

Know what you are putting into your body

Something new from 2012 and into 2013 a project of recording old VHS to DVD format.  I pause now at 600 hours, 100 DVDs.  It has been very educational and inspiring.  The subject is my teacher Prem Rawat.  On a mission to spread Knowledge to all the people of the World.

   Me Mum entered an assisted living facility.  Alzheimer's.  Very traumatic and tragic for us all.  It is such a rip off.  She seems just fine and likes her new home very much, most of the time.  She lost her little dog soon after the big move and that was very sad.  Again, she seems just fine.  She asked me if I knew her Kitty had died.  What a rip off Alzheimer’s is.  She will be warm and well cared for.  I will visit occasionally as I still see a little of her in there.  This is decreasing every moment and is very sad.  Just knowing she is comfortable is all I have of her now, other than many many sweet memories, *”like a flower that is gone, yet the sweet fragrance still remains.”  *

*Quote from Prem Rawat eulogy for Mata Ji