“I want to be alone.”

     Not a lot of people know him.  Those who do, know he is a one mans cat.  He does not like anybody to visit and tells them they are not welcome.  He does not like to be talked to and this he will definitely let you know.  Not only with a hideous hiss but a swat and a charge too.

    It is sad he was an abused abandoned, sufferer of asthma and liver damage. Thanks to Bio Super Food his asthma is gone.  I hope his liver damage will be less and less of an effect on his health.  He has lost 10 of his one time 27 pounds.  At 17 pounds he is very active and healthy.

    Now that he has found his forever home, I think he finally knows some comfort of home.  It took him six years to begin to trust me.  He would not let me touch him or pet him.  It was very heard on me.  He did sleep with me every night from the first night.  That was sweet and made me feel we would be buds one day.

    His doctor visits are very expensive.  Just the blood test is $200.00 to $300.00.  It is okay.  He is way worth it to me.


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About C. B.B. (Cat Best Buddy) Piehl

Name: Cat Best Buddy Piehl

Age: 10 plus

Birthday: 11:11 P.M. 22 July 2002 a guess

College: University of Washington

Major: Marine Biology

Favorite Color: Cobalt Blue

Favorite Book: None - I don’t read

Favorite Movie: Slaughterhouse Five

Favorite Food: Garlic Chicken Pizza

Favorite Quotes: “When people are at peace ... the world will be at peace.”

                                     Prem Rawat

“Follow your bliss.”   

                                  Joseph Campbell

Other Favorite Quote: “In my dream I was drowning my sorrows, but my sorrows, they learned to swim.”


My favorite songs:

Too many to list here but two are “There’s A Light In You” & “Need to Feel It”

                                        Kim O’Leary

My favorite segue:

  1. 1.Lady Madonna by The Beatles   

  2. 2.Omaha by Moby Grape

Favorite links:



Other favorite links:

  1. www.seesaw.org

  2. www.change.org

  3. www.google.com

  4. www.biosuperfood.com

  5. www.catspaw.com

  6. www.redshirtfridays.org